Agency Solutions

Ideal for Agencies

Let our team build and manage a chatbot for your client. We do all the work so you can focus doing what you do best!

Ideal for: 
   • Ad-hoc / short-term campaigns

   • Always-on digital channels
   • Client pitches
   • Proof of concepts

Platforms we build for:
   • Facebook Messenger
   • Google’s Business Messages
   • Instagram (Coming in Q2)

🕒 Average build times ~2 weeks, not months! 

Request a free demo for an upcoming client pitch or WIP


$499 p/m

One-time $499 setup fee
  • API Integration
  • Custom Built Chatbot
  • Great for Ad-hoc campaigns
No contracts
Month-to-month billing
Prices are ex GST

Agency Pro

$999 p/m

One-time $499 setup fee
  • Custom API Integration
  • Multi Platform Support
  • White Label
No contracts
Month-to-month billing
Prices starting from $999ex
Prices are ex GST
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Unlock all our powerful features and install on all supported platforms with Pro!


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