Notify and engage with your audience via Messenger Notifications.

Individual Opt-in

One-Time Notifications

One-Time Notifications allow you get ask users to opt-in to receive a specific notification at a later date. User can opt-in to get updates about a specific topic, event or product release.

Private Replies


Private Replies allows Businesses to auto-reply to Post Comments and Visitor Posts made on their Page with a single message on Messenger. Triggers can be setup to detect specific keyword used in a users page comment and will automatically be sent a message with the desired action such as to a specific FAQ or link to buy tickets if the users comment included the word/phrase “Tickets”.


Sports Notifications

Sports Notifications is a free addon to our Sports Fixture chatbot feature. Once you have uploaded your fixture calendar details for the upcoming season users can automatically receive notifications just before a game is about to start. Links can be included that might point the user to a live-stream or a streaming app where the match will be shown.

Facebook Advertising

Sponsored Notifications

Sponsored messages allow you to send highly targeted promotions directly to the people who have communicated with your business in Messenger. Sponsored messages may be sent to anyone that has used your chatbot or messaged your page in the last 12 months and will be labeled SponsoredΒ in the chat.